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The story so far...


The first draft and initial musical numbers were written by Nick Flyn Lehr & Dustin Waln in October and November of 2000.


The first  staged sing-through  was on November 12th, 2001 at the Village Theater in Issaquah, WA. under the direction of Joanne Klein as part of their New Musical Program


The play was optioned by the Ethereal Mutt Production Company in Seattle, WA.

David Schweizer was hired to direct a ten-day rehearsal and development period with two performances. Under the musical direction of Craig Hoyer the play was staged at the Seattle Rep on July 26th, 2003. 

The Option expires and the play is never produced.

The Play sat dormant as Nick Flynn Lehr fell ill. In August of 2017, Nick Flyn Lehr and Dustin Waln approach David Stidham to Produce "Bucket of Blood: The Original Beatnik Musical".

A private staged reading is held at the Open House Café in Hollywood, CA on October 7th.


The script goes through rewrites and revamping of musical numbers.

Nick passes March 30, 2018.


Final script and musical numbers are completed.



CREATETHEATER holds virtual reading June 22, 2020

Carmel Dean brought on board to consult music and lyrics July 10, 2020
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