The Original 

Beatnik Musical

Book, Music, and Lyrics by
Dustin Waln
Nick Flyn Lehr

Drawing on the twisted vision and macabre mind of Roger Corman, BUCKET OF BLOOD: THE ORIGINAL BEATNIK MUSICAL brings you back to a time when jazz was in the air, the counter-culture was in full swing, and the beatnik art scene was to just die for, daddy-o.


When he accidentally kills a cat and covers it in clay, Walter Paisley, an unlucky and impressionable busboy, rises straight to the top. But how long can he stay there? 


With a hilariously insane story and catchy tunes, get ready to laugh, recoil in terror, and totally flip your lid for


Beatnik  -  one who thinks and expresses freely by rejecting conventions and mainstream standards and therefore thrives on creativity and appreciates art and beauty.


Jive Talkin'

Cat  - A hipster


   Dig What I'm Putting Down - Pay Attention


        A Square  -  A yokel

            Solid Give Me Kicks - Had Lots of Fun

beat chick 2_WHITE.png

Bread  -  Money

Chick - A girl

Cop Out  -  to sell out

Dig  -  to comprehend

What's Happening? -  Hello